We fix hardware and software problems at your home or office, if you are lucky enough to have your home or office in the Brighton telephone area.

Service is prompt, and the cost is modest

We have been helping with computer problems since 1984

You can phone us at: Brighton 504879

Your computer may not be working when you need us - but you can find us in Thomsons and the Yellow Pages

The best time to phone is between 9.00 and 10.30 any morning 

At other times you may get an answerphone. We will ring you back.

Please note that as we work into the evenings, we may sometimes not get your message until the next morning.

You can e-mail us via brian @ the website name

(the e-mail address is not written in full, to reduce automatic harvesting of it by spammers)

Those who have visited the website before will know that we have improved it. We hope it will gradually become more widely interestng

Visit the site from time to time and find out!

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